Today I started my newfound freedom for food.  My Food Intolerance is potatoes, and the combination of dairy and grain.

For the next 3 days my meals consist of carrots, celery and water.  It must be cooked.  No butter, no salt. Nope.  Don’t you even talk to me about that onion.  I cut the celery and carrots, cover with water and boil. Then I let them simmer for at least one hour.  For 3 days this is what my core needs. I can have as much as I need. 

I have Qi tea I’m able to drink and water.  I am craving sweets, anything sweet, instead I am taking natrun sulfuricum as prescribed by my naturopath. This should help (it has to?!?!).

It is a struggling to not want to eat any chocolate. I’m craving it so bad…

On another note: You have to know when you’re on the verge of tears by even mentioning the “stress” in your life.  Turns out you’re being sent a message, and you must listen.

1.   Keep your body core warm.

I have always had cold hands and feet.  I always feel chilled.  I never thought much of it.  I live in Winnipeg, and accepted it for what it was.

So over the next 3 days.\ I’m reminded by Dr. Jill   Keep your core warm.  I am wearing tights.  Put a heating pad or hot water bottle in your bed.  Wear layers.  Think of yourself like the season outside. It’s shedding leaves, think of yourself doing the same.

2. Hydrotherapy. _ I’ll come back to this as I do it in a future podcast/post.

3. Rest.

Understand that the detox you are going to go through isn’t all body; its mental as well. Clear your mind.

4. Clear your schedule.

No dinners, no parties, no dates.  Just home.  I work out of the home, but if you work out of the house. To and from is my recommendation.  All the people who reach out a hand and offer help.  Take it.  Get them to pick you up things, grab groceries for the family, etc.  Say YES TO HELP.

More soon.


Candace Rae Wheeler

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