This has been a long… long journey.  It started 4.5 years ago;  and in the last 3 weeks, my body just gave up.  (I’ll share more on my podcast over the coming weeks) Link Here  I was puking, had the runs, and gas pains so bad for days that it felt like the  start of labor.  On top of that; a chest cold, laryngitis and of course my period.  All this over the last 3 weeks.  FML.

Still, believing that I should push through and do my podcasts + momin’ + CEO life + helping people + trying to live and exist in daily societies “Matrix” of reality.

“Bills need to be paid…”

*Laying around doesn’t seem right*

I was angry with my body.  Over these 3 weeks, everything I ate gave me an allergic reaction.  Sure as shit, my lemon and citrus “allergy” was now out of control and seemed to be spreading.  I went to Wolseley Clinic and saw Dr. Jill, after my second visit… turns out citrus fruit wasn’t the issue after all?!?!

As if things couldn’t get any worse: It was potatoes!  A lifetime of issues, by one of my favorite foods.

I’m 39 and today I am grateful to have an answer to something that has been plaguing me for far too long.  As shitty as the news is, it is still amazing to have answers to these ailments!  It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  The last 3 weeks I’ve been terrified to eat anything outside of a box of crackers.  Now knowing what I can eat (for the next month at least) has indeed been a comfort.

So here I am starting to hit the reset button on my stomach, my everything.  Feel like relearning what and how to eat.  What did I do for my body to do this to me? I wonder… Stress?!?  For sure…

Dr. Jill quickly corrected me and said my body wasn’t having an allergic reaction, instead it was fighting for me rather than against me.  To me; it was reacting negatively, in fact it was telling me it needed help: to slow down, rest, to stop and acknowledge that I was unwell physically and mentally, and the road to wellness was to begin with my food.  I want to share the process because if you’re like me; you worry every day about what you’re touching, eating and what the reaction is going to be.

I feel you.

Anxiety about the bathroom, is a new low I now understand.

I hope my journey helps you find yourself on a path of healing.

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